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List of Social Science Subjects, Courses and Available Opportunities in 2023

What are the social science subjects and which course falls under Social Science? These are questions from candidates we want to answer right here.

So today on this page, I will be sharing with you, the complete list of Social Science Courses. These courses which I shared below, all fall under Social and Management Science.

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Still in this age, I will be sharing with you, the meaning of social science, and the available job opportunities of Social Science Graduates.

Social Science Subjects.

Social science subjects include the following listed below;

  • English Language,
  • Commerce,
  • Government,
  • Geography,
  • Mathematics,
  • Economics,
  • Accounting,
  • Commerce,
  • Marketing,
  • Biology,
  • Christian Religious Knowledge,
  • Agriculture.

What’s the Meaning of Social Science?

Here is the real definition of Social science.

Social science is any discipline or branch of science that deals majorly with human behaviour in its social and cultural aspects. (Britannica)

Social Science can also be defined as a branch of science that deals with the institutions and functioning of human society, including the interpersonal relationships of individuals as members of society. (Merriam-webster)

Investopedia went further to define Social Science as a group of academic disciplines, which focus mainly on examining society and how people interact and develop as a culture.

Take note that Social science as a field of study is separate from the natural sciences because Natural sciences cover topics such as physics and chemistry. However, this is different from Social Science.

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Academically, these Courses are also considered Social Sciences, courses like;

• Economics.
• Political Science.
• History.
• Law.
• Geography.

Available Job Opportunities.

The list of jobs which are available for graduates in Social and Management Science is huge.

Take note that the job opportunity available for those who graduate from the faculty/college of social or management science solely depends on the particular course he or she studies.

However, the sure thing is that it is lucrative.

List of Social Science and Management Courses.

• Accountancy/Finance/Accounting.
• Accounting.
• Accounting Management & Finance.
• Actuarial Science.
• Anthropology.
• Arabic and Islamic Religious Studies.
• Banking and Finance.
• Business Administration.
• Business Management/Mgt Sciences.
• Communications.
• Criminology and Penology.
• Demography and Social Statistics.
• Economics.
• Economics and Development Studies.
• Economics and Operation Research.
• Economics and Statistics.
• Entrepreneurship.
• Finance.
• Gender and Woman Studies.
• Geography.
• Geography and Environmental Management.
• Geography and Planning Science.
• Geography and Regional Planning.
• Geography and Resources Management.
• Human Resources Management.
• Industrial and Labour Relations.
• Industrial Relation.
• Industrial Relations & Personnel Mgt.
• Information Resources Management.
• Information Science Technology.
• Insurance.
• Insurance and Actuarial Science.
• Intelligence and Security Services.
• International Business.
• International Relationship and Diplomacy.
• International Studies.
• Islamic Studies with Actuarial Science.
• Law/International Law and Diplomacy.
• Library and Information Science.
• Library Science.
• Library Studies.
• Literature.
• Local Government Studies.
• Management Information System.
• Management Technology.
• Marketing.
• Mass Communication.
• Office System Management.
• Peace and Development Studies.
• Personnel Management.
• Philosophy.
• Policy and Administrative Studies.
• Political and Administrative Studies.
• Political Philosophy/Economics.
• Political Science.
• Political Science and Conflict Resolution.
• Political Science and History.
• Political Science and International Relations.
• Political Science and Public Administration.
• Political Science and Diplomacy.
• Population Studies.
• Project Management Technology
• Psychology.
• Public Administration.
• Public Relation and Advertising.
• Pure and Applied Psychology.
• Regional Integration and Diplomacy.
• Religion.
• Social Work.
• Social Work & Administration.
• Social Work/Community Development.
• Sociology.
• Sociology and Anthropology.
• Sociology and Psychology.
• Taxation.
• Tourism and Eventmanagement.
• Transport Planning and Management.
• Urban and Regional Planning.

Final Conclusion

Please take note that the courses which are above are pulled from the official JAMB brochure. The social science courses and management courses were added together, to make this list.

The reason why I decided to add the Social Science courses and Management courses together here, is because some schools offer the same course as management science, while some other school offers the same course as social science.

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