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8 Underrated But Lucrative Courses to Study Nigeria in 2023

The truth is that the world is fast-changing, including the basic need and want of man. As you can see from the list of the World richest People, out of the first 10 richest people, 6 are innovators.

In this 21st century, we seek for convenience and how to get things done faster, and some jobs which were once lucrative can now be done more efficiently with machines, rendering those who studied it jobless.

Nigeria is blessed. But the truth is that getting a job in Nigeria is way difficult than in other advanced countries, even in 2nd world countries. This means that if you really want to get employed in Nigeria, then you need to study how to pick a course of study that is relevant. There is a general notion that lucrative courses are just medicine, law, and accounting in Nigeria.

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Yes, Medicine, Law, and Accounting are lucrative and amazing course choices, but here are other courses that are underrated and comes with a profitable prospect in Nigeria.

Lucrative Courses to Study Nigeria

10 Lucrative Courses to study in Nigeria.

Public Relations.

Any developing country is open to doing business with various countries, and this means meeting different people from different backgrounds. Several companies and businesses in Nigeria are now concerned about brand management and online reputation management, and here’s where this course shines.

Public relation is a course that you should consider studying in Nigeria. A good number of Federal and State University offer degrees in Public relations, and this means that you can obtain some professionals certificates with your degree.


Agriculture is another course that young people tend to underrate, but only those who understand the business, knows how important this course is.

Agriculture is the present and future of Nigeria’s economic growth, with the increasing global population, and Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world, there is an uncontrollable increase in the demand for food.

For those who are not aware, there are various courses in Agriculture highly needed in today’s society, and that will be much appreciated in the coming years.

Business Management.

Another course that is a bit underrated in Nigeria tertiary institutions is Business Management. Running a business in current Nigeria is risky, but the risks are minimal when properly managed by a professional.

A lot of business owners are in desperate need of effective Business Managers, but some just don’t know it. Business Management is a very lucrative course with its horizons in every sector of the economy in Nigeria. In a few years, Business Management graduates will be sought after, and will likely be among the most sought after.

Computer Science.

Computer science is another course that is sometimes underrated by Nigerians, simply because they do not see the bigger picture of studying this course. The world is already digital, and Nigeria as a country is only waking up to it.

Among the ten richest men in the world today, six (6) own digital companies.

There are so many fields in Computer science, which is why I’ll advise any student considering a career in Computer science to be clear on their aspirations and goals, you might also need to be open to learn and take professional courses to become an expert in your field.

Estate Management.

Estate Management is a course I am personally interested in. Estate Management covers the appraisal, acquisition, development, marketing, and disposal of property, or sometimes the ongoing management of properties for profits.

Real Estate is another goldmine that Nigeria students are not currently aware of. Estate owners require efficient real estate managers to properly manage their properties. You can consider a career in real estate as more millionaires are investing in real estate. I’ve also noticed that in major cities and urban areas, millionaires are buying up houses, destroying it, and building estates.

It’s good for the country, economy, environment, you, and the investors.

Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering works in the same lane as Estate Management. Just as I noted in the opening of this article, Nigeria is a developing nation and a lot of infrastructural development is going on all over the country.

There are so many amazing structures missing in this country, roads are not built, so many dilated houses built in the 1980’s that needs total renovation.

Civil engineering is a highly lucrative course in Nigeria, and Civil Engineers are going to be at the center of rural to urban growth in Nigeria.

Mathematics and Statistics.

Data analysts and Statisticians are highly sought after in the finance industry, medical industry, manufacturing industry e.t.c within Nigeria and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Graduates of Mathematics and Statistics are sought after because this course is difficult and requires a special level of a mathematics genius.

Having a degree in Mathematics and Statistics in Nigeria is great. Most graduates rarely lack jobs and do have a bright future if they take the right steps in becoming an expert in the field.

Human Resource Management.

I have discovered that Human Resource Management department ( H.R.M) or (HR) is much needed in every successful company, not just within Nigeria, but outside too.

However, since I am listing the best courses to study in Nigeria, I’ll be focusing on Nigeria. Due to the fact that Nigeria is not 100% operating under a democratic government right now, a time will come when it will be Mandatory that all companies have one.

But right now, this is one of the most important departments in every organization because it bridges the gap between employers and employees.

Every new organization/business needs an HR department and this is why H.R.M would still be a lucrative field in Nigeria in the next decades.


This is another course that upcoming students don’t give a lot of thought to. Yes, what we are experiencing in Nigeria is low-budget Marketing, with the dancing in the streets, loud music playing, etc.

But the truth is that Banks are utilizing graduates from this course, and in the next year or so, other businesses/organizations will copy it.

You’ll certainly love your business to be heard, right? You would want to read the right audience and customers? Well, the best team of advisers to use in this field is marketing.

Businesses entering Nigeria always go for marketers first, to get a stronghold in the country.

Marketing is a profitable course because it comes with numerous perks and benefits embedded within it, you can never be wrong if you choose to study marketing in the higher institution.

However, I’ll advise you to consider professional skills in digital marketing alongside your degree.


Last on this list, but by no means the least is Microbiologists. These are the ones who are more focused on scientific research. Well, since the pandemic happened in Nigeria, the government will certainly be looking for more people in these fields.

Courses like Microbiology, Genetics, and Biochemistry certainly have a great future in Nigeria.

I’ll advise candidates who are considering which course to study in Medicine, to always consider a course that would involve scientific research. That is the future.


Nigeria’s education sector does have a lot in stock for the youths. Covenant University and the University of Ibadan were recently ranked among the top 1,000 in the world, and the University Of Ibadan (UI) was ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.

This goes to show you that Nigeria is fast approaching academic excellence, and I see Covenant University reaching the top 100 within the next few years.

Clarification: This list of courses mentioned above was selected based on their current and future relevance in Nigeria as a developing nation. I’ll advise you to do proper research before taking any step further in choosing a course to study.

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