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JAMB Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 2023

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The portal provides candidates the platform to seamlessly navigate through their admission process. On this page, I will be answering various questions about JAMB, including JAMB marking Scheme, selecting the wrong JAMB subject combination, and other silent but deadly mistakes that will cost you, your admission, even if you’re 101% qualified and eligible.

On this portal, I will be sharing with you, various information you need to know, to give you a better understanding of how the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB portal works.

Through this page, I’ll be answering some of the most common questions asked by JAMBites, including:

  • How many questions are there in the English language?
  • How many questions are there in the other three subjects?
  • How do they mark the English language?
  • How do they mark the other three subjects?
  • Does JAMB give free marks?

JAMB Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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How many questions are there in the English language?

The answer is 60 questions. However, before 2017, the English Language always comes with 100 questions for the English language.

How many questions are there in the other Subjects?

All candidates are required to select three (3) other subjects during their UTME registration because the English Language is compulsory. However, note that you must select these three (3) subjects based on your course Subject combinations.

The three subjects come with 40 questions each. This means that you will be answering a total of 180 questions on JAMB.

How does JAMB Marks the English language?

The real method JAMB uses as their Marking scheme in marking UTME is this. Note that each question in the English Language carries 1.5 marks apart from the comprehension passage. So when you calculate it yourself you will be getting 90 marks.

For Instance.

  • 1 question x  1.5 = 1.5

60 question x 1.5 = 90. You should note that the English Language subject carries 90 marks, then your passage is where the additional mark comes in, making it 100 marks.

How are the Other three Subjects Marked?

From the above section, you’ll know that each of the other three subjects carries 40 questions. This means that each of the subjects carries 100 marks.

The JAMB marking scheme for each subject is 2.5. Here’s how it’s calculated.

1 question x 2.5 = 2.5

40 question x 2.5 = 100.

What is Computer Based Test (CBT)?

CBT means Computer Based Test. JAMB CBT means that the examination is written, using a computer. This format is flexible in that the test can be taken at different times and in different locations through internet connections.

Why Computer Based Test (CBT)?

CBT is an easily better and more accurate method of writing Examination, there’s no need to carry question papers and answers around. It reduces the rate of examination-malpractice. It also provides a fair assessment of the candidates.

What are the Advantages of CBT?

  • The candidate’s results are automatically marked.
  • Provides almost 99% accuracy and automated analysis of results.
  • It is fair and more secured.
  • It is the global best practice.

What is e-UTME?

The e-UTME is an electronic form of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination that adopts the use of a computer to display and answer test items.

What are Computer Based Test (CBT) Centers?

The CBT centers are halls are located within various locations in Nigeria that is approved by the UTME board where candidates can take their Computer-Based Tests (CBT). These centers are moderated and approved by UTME that would enable the conduct of CBT.

Where are the CBT centers located?

The UTME board has disclosed that CBT centers are located in all the thirty-six states of the federation and the FCT.

Are these Centres well equipped for CBT?

Yes, they are. The minimum computers a center is required to have is 250 computers and above.

What does the test center look like?

A room equipped with at least, 250 computers that must be connected to the Internet or Intranet (Local Area Network).

How many candidates are attached to a computer?

One (1). A candidate is assigned to a computer.

Are international testing centers available?

Yes, e-UTME-accredited CBT centres are available in all six countries where JAMB conducts its examinations. These centers are in the following countries mentioned below:

  • The United Kingdom,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • South Africa,
  • The Republic of Benin,
  • Cameroun,
  • Ghana.

Does the Computer Based Test cost the same as the Paper Pencil Test (PPT) Examination?

Yes, the cost is CBT is the same as the PPT examination.

How do I pay for my Exam?

Online or through the bank. You can purchase the JAMB e-registration PIN from any designated bank and register online. But you must complete your registration through JAMB registration centers close to you.

Will the CBT follow the same content guidelines of the UTME Syllabus?


Are the CBT examinations Secure?

Yes. The extensive computerized encryption systems make the CBT almost unbreakable. Another reason why it will be extremely difficult to break into the CBT backend is that the centers make it very difficult for candidates to bring in unauthorized materials. Plus, the questions don’t come up on each candidate’s computer till it’s “GO” time.

Is CBT Compulsory for all Admission-Seeking Candidates?

Yes, if you’re seeking admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria, you must participate in the CBT examination.

How friendly is the CBT to candidates?

Yes. If you have participated in or seen the CBT hall, you’ll know that it’s not only friendly but conducive for the test. The CBT has been specially designed to provide all candidates the best atmosphere for optimum performance of candidates. Before the examination, each candidate computer shows an instruction on how to use the Arrow.

How do I register for CBT?

Candidates are expected to purchase the UTME registration scratch cards from approved commercial banks and register online through

How can I reach JAMB CBT?

Candidates can contact the JAMB board through any of the following telephone numbers mentioned below:

  • 08084116631,
  • 08072522813,
  • 08031283713,
  • 07031283662,
  • You can also visit the closest zonal or state office of the board nearest to them.

Do all candidates write the examination at the same time?

No. When candidates print their exam slip, they are given each, time and date. Sometimes, the examination takes ten (10) days +, depending on the number of candidates that registered for the exercise.

Should I bring the e-slip printout to my CBT Center?

Yes. You should bring the original of your confirmation printout to your centre to confirm your examination date and time. You will also need it for your fingerprint confirmation.

How do I start the test?

There are always instructors in the CBT centre that provide step-by-step instructions on how to start the test. However, in an unlikely situation where there is no instructor around. To start the test, you need to enter your registration number into the computer and click on NEXT. Carefully read and follow the instructions that come up.

Finally, click on START EXAM, and your time starts reading.

How do I Answer Questions on the JAMB Computer-Based Test?

You can answer the questions in two different ways. You can choose to answer by clicking on the option you believe to be the answer or by typing in the letter of the option. Answers are recorded directly into your computer and you can select to answer the next question.

May I review my answers or skip questions and answer them later when taking a Computer Based Test?

Yes. The JAMB CBT examination is fascinating. You are given the free option of reviewing your answer, or you can choose to change your answers after they have been entered into the computer during the examination or after you have attempted to answer all the questions before clicking on the final submission button.

How do I know the time I have spent on my examination?

Your time will be displayed on your computer screen, including your remaining time.

May I bring my mobile cell phone to the test center?

Actually, yes, you can bring your Mobile phone for directions and communications. However, you can’t take your mobile phone in the examination hall. So, maybe you need to have a trusted person that you can give your smartphone before entering the examination hall.

May I bring a notebook to the test centre?

The answer is NO. Notebooks or other textbook materials are not allowed in the test centre and particularly, the examination hall.

May I bring a calculator to the test centre?

No. Your CBT computer has a calculator installed. You can use it anytime you want.

If there is a power failure would it affect my timing?

This may be very unlikely, However, the answer is No. There will be power back-up with an alternative power supply and your test will return to the exact place where you stopped. This means that all questions are saved upon answering them.

How do I end and Submit the test?

When you have completely answered all the questions, I’ll recommend you carefully review all the answers you provided. To submit, click the “END” button. Another box will ask you to confirm that you are ready to end the test. Once you clicked on the confirmation button, your answer will be submitted and you won’t be able to edit it again.

Would there be any break during the examination?

No. There is no break between the test. The test takes less than 2.30 hours.

Can I practice JAMB CBT before the real examination?

Yes. Actually, you can practice taking the test as often as you wish by taking the PRACTICE TEST on the JAMB website, which is 100% free.

How quickly will I receive scores?

Sometimes, you can actually check your result online through

How early should I arrive at the test centre?

This depends on your examination slip. You can be pegged for 7:00 AM, 9:00 AM, etc. However, you should come earlier for your biometrics verification exercise. Should come 30 minutes before your examination time.

What if I arrive late for my CBT?

If you arrive after thirty minutes (30mins.) into the examination, you will not be allowed into the testing centre or to take the examination. This is why I advise all candidates to leave their homes early and ensure they’re in their examination centre before at least, 30 minutes before the examination time.

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