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Highest Paying Oil and Gas Companies In Nigeria and their Amount 2023

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Personally, this is one topic I find most intriguing, knowing the highest paying jobs in Nigeria gives you, as a prospective student (Candidate), an edge in knowing what to study, and the annual income.

This list won’t come as a surprise to most Nigerian students because we know that crude oil is our highest commodity in the market today.

Although there is a growing fear about oil in the near future, as companies like Telsa are producing only rechargeable cars, countries like Japan, Germany, United Kingdom have all set a date to abolish Petrol/diesel cars in their respective countries.

Despite this challenge about the continued relevance of oil and the turbulence in the global oil and gas industry, upstream oil and gas remain the highest-paying industry in the Nigerian market.

Through this article, we will be sharing with you, the top highest paying jobs and their companies in Nigeria based on our research:

Highest Paying Jobs/Companies in Nigeria.

TOTAL: The first company on this list is Total. Total Upstream (Total Exploration & Production) is the highest-paying oil and gas company in Nigeria, and still the highest-paying job in the Nigerian market. An entry-level graduate earns a minimum of twenty-five Million Naira (N25,000,000) per annum as gross pay.

CHEVRON: The second on this list is Chevron. Chevron, just like Total, is also a company that deals with oil exploration in Nigeria. Chevron is an American oil company that pays more than twenty-two million Naira (N22,000,000) per annum to a fresh recruit at an entry-level position.

EXXONMOBIL: Yes, the third company on this list of highest-paying jobs/companies in Nigeria is Exxon. Exxon comes joint second with Chevron in this rank. The IOC is also an American company that pays fresh graduates about Twenty-two million Naira (N22,000,000) gross per annum.

SHELL: Next on this list is Shell. Most Nigerians would be disappointed to find out that Shell comes fourth (4th) on this list. However, the mistake made by most Nigerians is that all oil companies are under Shell.

Shell pays entry-level permanent staff at Anglo-Dutch giant, Royal Dutch Shell, a gross pay that is circa Nineteen million Naira (N19,000,000) per annum.

AGIP: Fifth on the list of highest-paying jobs/companies in Nigeria are Italian giant, Agip (or NAOC – Nigeria Agip Oil Company). This Oil and Gas company pays entry-level recruits a minimum of Eighteen Million Naira (N18,000,000) per annum.

ADDAX: Most people are not aware that ADDAX is an Oil and gas company owned by the Chinese. This Chinese multinational oil company is the highest-paying non-IOC in Nigeria. It comes next to the top 5 in Nigeria.

Addax pays entry-level graduates a minimum of Sixteen million Naira only (N16,000,000) per annum.

SEPLAT: In this list of highest-paying companies in Nigeria, Seplat is the only indigenous company on the list. SepLat pays graduates a minimum of Twelve Million Naira (N12,000,000) per annum, making them the highest-paying Nigerian oil company for entry-level positions.

Important Note.

It is important to note here that in most of these companies, engineers who work offshore also get extra pay in addition to other performance bonuses.

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