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25% Of CoronaVirus Carriers Don’t Show Symptoms But Can Still infect you

These are trying times for Nigerians and I think we should endeavor to take care of ourselves to ensure this virus does not spread that fast.

According to the latest discoveries from the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) about CoronaVirus, 15% of those infected with the virus won’t show symptoms but can still spread the virus.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is releasing more information about the coronavirus, and recent findings show that up to 25% of people infected with CoronaVirus but are not showing any symptoms are spreading the virus.

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The new findings are leading the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to broaden the range of who needs to wear medical masks, as they previously stated that only people showing symptoms should wear a mask. This means that more people need to wear mask and take precautions serious than before.

Medical experts are requesting the general public to continue with social distancing, and they believe that everyone should be wearing masks to protect themselves against asymptomatic carriers (people with the virus but showing no symptoms) from spreading the virus.

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