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Covenant University School Fees 2023/2024 academic Session

The Covenant University school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session have been released and published online.

Latest news reaching this educational platform today, today disclosed that the management of Covenant University tuition fees payable by new students admitted for the 2023/2024 academic session has been released.

The institution is currently among the top 3 best Universities in Nigeria, you can check out the list of best Nigerian universities rankings for 2023.

Covenant University is a faith-based tertiary institution affiliated with the Living Faith Church Worldwide.

According to the breakdown of the tuition published by the institution’s payment board, the overall fees cover tuition registration, Examination registration, accommodation, utility, and ICT development fund, among others that will be published below.

Covenant University school fees

Other areas of coverage include:

  • Laboratory,
    Workshop, and studio,
  • ICT training,
  • Virtual library fee,
  • Wireless internet.

Other fees that come under the tuition payable by fresh and returning students are:

  • Academic support service,
  • Matriculation,
  • I.D. card,
  • Results verification,
  • TMC & Vision 10-2022 kit.

There are also charges for EDS, college dues, field trips, caution fees, books, and medical deposits. Also, note that students are to pays for medical tests; and lab coat/tool as applicable.

According to the document that outlined Covenant University fees, students pay a uniform tuition/exam/registration fee of N472,000 per session.

Covenant University School Fees Breakdown.

Students are required to pay a uniform accommodation fee of One hundred and eighty-five (N185,000) thousand Naira only per session; as well as a utility fee of N75,000 within the same period.

Other uniform fees are as follows:

  • ICT Development fund (N25,000).
  • Labs/workshop/studio fee (N40,000).
  • ICT training (N30,000).

A virtual library and wireless internet per session are Fifteen thousand Naira ONLY (N15,000).

Matriculation and ID card cost Fifteen thousand Naira ONLY (N15,000) each.

Results verification is N5,000.

TMC & Vision 10-2022 kit attracts N15,000.

EDS fee is N6,000 across the board, while college due costs N2,000.

The field trip will cost Seven thousand, five hundred Naira ONLY (N7,500).

The caution fee is Twenty-five thousand Naira ONLY (N25,000).

Book Fees Fifteen thousand Naira ONLY (N15,000).

The medical deposit is Ten thousand Naira ONLY (N10,000).

The medical test costs N15,000.

The lab coat/tool is N25,000 for engineering students.

However, for students of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Industrial Physics/Maths, they are required to pay N7,000 apiece.

Covenant University Courses Tuition Fees.

Overall, newly admitted Engineering students are expected to pay the highest tuition fee at N1,002,500 per session.

Industrial Physics/Mathematics  N984,500.
Microbiology  N984,500.
Biochemistry  N984,500.
Accounting  N977,500.
International Relations  N977,500.
Policy & Strategic Studies  N977,500.
Political Science  N977,500.
English Language  N977,500.
Psychology/Counselling  N977,500.
Architecture  N977,500.
Computer Science  N977,500.
Industrial Chemistry  N977,500.
Building Technology  N977,500.
Estate Management  N977,500.
Biology  N977,500.
Biology and Management Information Science  N977,500.
Banking & Finance N937,500.
Business Administration N937,500.
Demography & Social Statistics N937,500
Economics N937,500
Industrial Relations & Human Resources N937,500
Sociology  N937,500.


How do I pay my school fees for Covenant University?

  • You can pay your school fees through the Bursary or through the institution’s dashboard, your own personalized profile, using either your ATM card (Mastercard, Visa) or RRR.

Is Phone allowed at Covenant University?

  • According to the institution’s management, NO student is allowed to possess personal cell phones (GSM) anywhere on campus. However, to ensure that there is communication between the student and family, phone facilities are provided for any student to make contact with parents, guardians, friends, etc when needed.

What is the JAMB cut off mark for Covenant University?


The Covenant University cut-off mark for admission is 150, and this is in line with JAMB-approved minimum cutoff points for tertiary institutions. Scoring more than this mark will be an added advantage when the competition for the course you want to study is high.

Does Covenant University Require JAMB For Admission?

  • Yes. JAMB is compulsory and required.

Candidates (in Nigeria) interested in applying for admission into Covenant University are required to sit for the UTME examination of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and score up to the JAMB required cut off marks for all tertiary institutions in the nation.

How many students does Covenant University have?

  • 6,000-6,999, while they have up to 500 academic staff.

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