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Courses You Can Study with D7, E8, or F9 in Literature-in-English

This is the current courses in Nigerian Universities, you can study either with D7, E8 or F9 in Literature in English.

This post here will be showing candidates who failed Literature, that they can still enter University this year. There is no need to rewrite your WAEC, NECO or NABTEB examination, these are available courses you can/ can not study.

I did thorough research and came up with this list of courses you can study with D7 in Literature.

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These are the available Courses for candidates who scored D7 in Literature-in-English.

Courses Available For Literature in English D7  Candidates

• History and International Studies
• Archaeology and Tourism (you must have at least pass (D7) in Mathematics
• Fine and Applied Art
• Linguistics,
• Igbo Studies,
• Linguistics and Igbo Studies,
• Linguistics and Ibibio Studies,
• Linguistics and Hausa, and
• Linguistics and Yoruba,
• Music
• Accountancy (you must credit maths & economics)
• Marketing (you must credit maths & economics)
• Banking & Finance (you must credit maths & economics)
• Management (you must credit maths & economics)
• Estate Management (you must credit maths & economics)
• Architecture
• Urban and Regional Planning
• Geoinformatics
• Economics (you must credit maths & economics)
• Social Work
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Philosophy
• Geography (you must have at least pass in English
• Sociology and Anthropology.

Courses you cannot Study with D7 in Literature

These are courses you can not study with D7 in Literature in English because Literature is highly needed in these courses.

• Mass Communication
• Linguistics (major)
• Theater and Film Studies
• Foreign Languages and Literature.

Sharing this post will help some persons who are afraid of not entering School this year, simply because they scored D7 in Literature in English.

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