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Here’s what happened When I contacted CoronaVirus in Nigeria – Touching Story

CoronaVirus (Covid-19) is a large family of Viruses that can cause potentially deadly diseases in Mammals and birds. You should know that there are many kinds of CoronaViruses, but only a few actually affect humans. These coronaviruses that affect humans ranges from Cold to Sars. Sars infected 8,000 people and killed 813 in 2002/2003.

CoronaVirus are typically spread through airborne droplets of an infected person fluid. It is believed that Covid-19 was first transmitted from animals to humans, and has spread from human to human.

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Hello Nigerians, I am going to tell you the truth and nothing else. You should know that NCDC can’t do anything for you because they are not ready or well-equipped to fight this deadly virus.

You see all those Public relations (PR) they are doing on social media, they are assuming people will not try to call them or the virus won’t spread in Nigeria.

This started on Wednesday (25/03/2020). A colleague of mine and me decided we want to be sure of our status before going into #self isolation as recommended by WHO if one notices the symptoms.

Here are the steps we took.

1. We called the toll free line the NCDC always advertise online, and after all the normal recorded stories, when we chose to speak to a real agent, they end the call.

2. Next step, we went to the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, on arriving there, we were told that they don’t do the Covid-19 tests there, that the hospital is only an isolation center. They refer us back to NCDC office in town, told us that’s where testing lab is.

3. We followed their instruction and drove to the NCDC office at Jabi, Abuja. There are two NCDC offices there in the same close. The first office told us they don’t do testing and are not equip, but they directed us to the second office saying that’s where testing is being handled.

4. We went to the second office and they said that they don’t do testing for the Covid-19. Next, they directed us to the NCDC National Reference Laboratory, which is located in Gaduwa.

5. We visited the NCDC National Reference Laboratory, the security at the gate informed us that a lot of people were there too earlier in the day and have all been sent back to their home. The NCDC NRL told us that they don’t do testing for individuals unless your state took your sample and submit the sample to them.

6. This is getting hectic, but they did refer us again! They refer us to a circular posted at the gate and told us to contact the FCT Epidemiology team lead on COVID-19.

7. At least this time around, we got a phone number. When I called him I introduced myself by name and then asked him if he’s the FCT team lead on this issue. He answered affirmatively. I proceeded and asked him how do I go about getting tested.

When I asked him how I can be tested, he replied by asking me these questions:

  • “Who are you?”
  • Who gave you my number?

I told him I’m an Abuja resident and his number is on a circular at the NCDC National Reference Laboratory. He told us he doesn’t know that his phone number is there. He said we should go to the NCDC. I told him that the NCDC officially referred us to you. He was silent. I then asked him to advise us. He told us to go to “National Health Disease Control” which we later discovered that it doesn’t exist.

From my experience, I discovered that these people are doing selective testing, which I think is very dangerous.

It means a lot of people might have been infected already with this illness, but for lack of testing, they are moving about infecting others because, during the first 2-14 days, they won’t be symptomatic.

While the information from the official channels are saying people are not coming forth, the truth is that people are going but are been turned away in large numbers.

And I know because I was turned away first hand.

This confirms that either the NCDC is lying to Nigerians, or they are not coordinated at all. How will you explain three branches of the office denying responsibility for testing Nigerians and are busy, pointing us to the next NCDC offices that will point us back to them, instead of just explaining to us the laid down procedures by the NCDC?

I pray for Nigerians. Please keep safe and ensure you follow the procedures to ALWAYS Stay safe. Learn how to protect yourself by CLICKING HERE.

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